Why I roam

There's always a reason and a WHY behind the passions we pursue – a reason driving us to get out of bed, to get outside, to push beyond challenges in life and sport – that's what Why I ROAM is all about.

I started using GPS, and specifically Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM, to get to more exotic places, more interesting places ... And the coolest thing was, I could just load this route, and then it was like a treasure map that somebody just gave you.

Whether she’s riding across town or across the Continental Divide, bikepacker and ultra-distance cyclist Lael Wilcox loves every minute she spends on the bike. This summer, she aims to break the Around the World Record, driven by her passion to get more women and girls on bikes.

Built for the ride

These Wahooligans all depend on ELEMNT ROAM GPS bike computers. Packed with powerful features to track performance, navigate new terrain, and stay connected before, during, and after every ride, ELEMNT cycling computers are built for all the reasons you choose to ROAM.

I'm pretty stuck in my ways of finding purpose in restoring historic trails as a path forwards for cultural connectivity, good riding as well as greater purpose in sport.

Dillon Osleger has many titles, yet they’re all connected just like the ecosystems and the public lands where he spends time in search of speed on his MTB.