Zwift Ride with KICKR CORE

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    Zwift Ride with KICKR CORE offers an all-in-one, complete setup to unlock the best virtual experience in the worlds of Zwift.

    The proven KICKR CORE smart trainer technology sets the foundation for responsive resistance and reliable power, paired with the Zwift Ride Smart Frame to enable seamless control of your Zwift riding experience at your fingertips.

    Designed with simplicity in mind, a single tool that stows away on the frame is all it takes to assemble, dial in your bike fit, and adjust between users. Zwift Ride includes all of the hardware you need to get started on Zwift.

    Note: Zwift Ride with KICKR CORE is not eligible for the purchase of a discounted 1-year Zwift Membership.

    Zwift Ride with KICKR CORE Features

    All-in-one Fitness Setup

    With all the hardware you need to start Zwifting, Zwift Ride with KICKR CORE is a complete indoor cycling setup to seamlessly ride in the worlds of Zwift.

    Always Ready

    Ready whenever you are, so you can jump on at a moment’s notice. Plus, it’s easily adjustable to fit a wide range of riders— from 5’ to 6' 6".

    Real Feel

    In-game gradient changes automatically adjust the KICKR CORE’s resistance, so you’ll sweat it out on epic climbs and fly down descents just like you’re out on the road.

    Full Control

    Control all of Zwift without ever taking your hands off the bars. Navigate with ease to queue your next ride or workout, shift through gears, use PowerUps, give a Ride On, and more.

    Quiet & Compact

    Zwift Ride offers a sleek, space-saving setup that’s impressively quiet. It’s smaller than a traditional bike and trainer, but still fits most riders.

    What's Included?

    Smart trainer with Zwift Cog


    Smart trainer with Zwift Cog

    Frame with integrated controllers


    Frame with integrated controllers

    • Handlebar with Controllers
    • Thru Axle
    • Frame Key
    • Phone Tray Mat
    • Left & Right Pedals
    • Charging Cable for controllers
    • Cable Tidies

    Tech Specs

    Rider Fit Specs
    • Rider Fit Range: 152 - 198 cm
    • Saddle Height Min-Max: 61cm-87cm (center bottom bracket to top of saddle)
    • Stepover Height: 76 cm
    • Max Rider Weight: 120 kg
    • Crank Length: 170mm
    Product Dimensions and Frame Specs
    • Product Dimensions: 136 cm L x 58 cm W
    • Product Weight: 35.4 kg
    • Drivetrain: Chain
    • Pedals: Flat Included (compatible with standard road and mountain pedals)
    • Saddle: 160mm W x 245mm L
    Additional Handlebar Specs
    • Handlebar Height Min-Max: 94 - 110 cm
    • Handlebar Width: 42 cm (center to center)
    • Integrated rechargeable controllers with 20 hrs. per charge
    • Handlebar Controller Power: Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery (1350-1400 maH)
    • Handlebar Controller Power requirements: USB-A, 5v, 1A
    Performance and Data
    • Power Accuracy: +/- 2%
    • Maximum Power Output: 1800W
    • Maximum Simulated Grade: 16%
    • Flywheel Weight: 5.4 kg
    • Resistance Type: Electromagnetic
    • LED indicator lights confirm the trainer and handlebars are powered, connected, and transmitting via Bluetooth.
    • Speed, distance, cadence, and power are wirelessly transmitted.
    • In-game shifting, steering and UI control via handlebars are wirelessly transmitted.
    • Apple TV users are required to pair through Zwift Companion app as a bridge to address the limited number of Bluetooth connections


    Zwift Ride with KICKR CORE is thoughtfully designed for the home, and is more compact than a standard trainer and bike setup.